The Heart of BLAZE

BLAZE TEAM would like to humbly introduce you to something we call

Our Heart.

The things that makes us function.

We could also say that this is what defines.

BLAZE was started as a result of a dream God laid in my heart since 1993. In all of these years, since that day, I was constantly looking for more of God. I met the most awesome friends, and together we learned to serve God diligently. Regularly encouraging and building each other up. Together we discovered a passion for God that I will never loose. We had to be obedient. We had to do something for God. We could not be give up the search for more of God.

We realized that the Church (Body of Christ) was missing something, but I understood that the Bible was always right, and if we were not getting what was promised in the Bible, then we were missing something. Nevertheless we missed it. For years it felt like we were empty. Desiring to have more, but being empty. We realized that it would not help to accuse other people for not having all God promised. It was worthless.

We had to do what God was preparing us to do, and in obedience follow His direction. Back in 2004 as I dedicated myself to prayer and Fasting, there was a breakthrough. God revealed myself to me. I saw my empty lifestyle, and my time wasted on junk. Then, He was so kind as to reveal Himself to me.

That day as I was sobbing my eyes out, I was confronted with one fact. Our young people are growing up in the junk, we call life, and Religion. I could not, I would not, let this happen. I started crying out to God begging Him to give this generation of young people one last Chance. I prayed like, I could only imagine, Lot could have prayed about Sodom. Only this time, I was praying that God would use me, to give these young people a chance at REAL LIFE. As I sat there, God reminded me of a prayer I prayed in about 1989. Me and my brother at the age of 15 and 17. We were Dedicating ourselves to be used by God in the youth. We asked God to use us to influence our friends, so they to could discover God. As I was reminded of my prayer, years before, I realized that I was brought to the place of choice once again.

The Big Question that was hanging over me was:

¨Will I be the one to help these people realize who God is, or will I be like all the others?

From that day on, everything was different. God showed me where we were missing it. He showed me a lot of things, we needed to help each other Grow. He was preparing me.

When the day came that I had to resign my Assembly and the International body I grew up in, I knew that this day (1 October 2004), would be the beginning of an explosion of the Gospel of God.

We as a ministry desire to Burn the Flame of the Gospel through the hearts of people, to change this wonderful Country and give everyone a chance to discover the True God of all!